A Master Web Template Case Study

My purpose for creating the Master Web Templates was to make creating professional-looking websites easier and more affordable. Whether you need to overhaul an existing site to increase sales and opt-ins, or you are starting from scratch to create a website for that killer Public Domain gem you just discovered, using Master Web Templates will not only save you time, but they will also save you a LOT of frustration and money. And unlike many of the web templates out there, these designs are very flexible and look MUCH more professional!

A Public Domain Expert subscriber recently e-mailed me and asked if I would take a look at his new website. He was not making sales and he wanted some tips on how to change that. When I looked at his webpage, I knew he had some problems...the most glaring of which was his graphics. After launching Master Web Templates, I remembered Bill's website, so I e-mailed him to ask if I could use his site as a Case Study for Master Web Templates. He agreed! So what follows are the results of that makeover. You'll notice that this isn't a huge amount of writing...that's simply because it really didn't take that much effort to update Bill's site using Master Web Templates.

Bill's website promotes an e-book he wrote for Christians who are considering dating online. Here is a reduced screen capture of Bill's site in its current form:

This is the product image for Bill's e-book:

I decided to use Master Web Template #2b as the foundation for Bill's updated site. So I opened the Template2b_Header.jpg image in Photoshop (you can use ANY image editing program to do this, including the FREE one I include on the download page), and began to enter the type information for Bill's site.

I also wanted to include an image of a happy couple in the large box to the left of the header, so I went to Dreamstime.com (http://www.dreamstime.com), found a photograph I liked and downloaded it for a just $1 dollar.

I sized the photo to fit the box and then feathered the edges to remove the straight edges of the image. Next, I shifted the hue of the template color slightly to match the blues in the photgraph. Finally, I finished adding the type to the header using updated fonts and glow effects (I go into detail on how I do this in one of the tutorial videos found on the download page).

Here is the end result:

Next, I opened the Template2b_BG.jpg and the Template2b_Footer.jpg images and shifted the hue to match the header. Finally, I added Bill's web address to the footer image. The web graphic updates were finished.

Next came the cover. I opened the Ebook_2b.jpg file and added the same elements to it as I used for the header. I also shifted the hue to match the web graphics. Here is the end result:

Now it was time to update the website itself with the new graphics. In Dreamweaver (you can also use the FREE HTML editor I provide links to on the download page), I opened Bill's original file and opened the index2b.html file. I simply swapped out the existing template graphics for the new ones I had created (this is explained in a video tutorial on the download page), copied Bill's copy into the index template file, and began to reorganize and reformat Bill's existing text in a more effective way. I added very little new copy, just reorganized what he already had. With that, the website makeover was finished.

Total cost: ONE hour's time and ONE dollar (for the image).

The difference? Here is a screen shot of the updated website:

If you would like to see the entire BEFORE and AFTER websites, you can to so here:

Bill's Current Site

The Makeover Site Using Master Web Templates


As you can see, the Master Web Template made a HUGE difference in the appearance of Bill's website. They will do the SAME THING for your existing website or new online venture.

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Tony Laidig
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