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I've Done All the "Heavy Lifting" for You
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From the Desk of Tony Laidig

Hey Fellow Marketer...

I see it all the time...I'm sure you have come across some website that promotes the owner's latest e-book, software or other product, and immediately, you notice that the website graphics...well...they SUCK. I don't know about you, but when I come across a site like this, I can't help but wonder just how good the product can be. You know the logic...

If the graphics suck then the product probably does too!

Of course, this logic can be flawed. I've found some excellent products that had poorly-produced graphics, and while I LOVED the product, I definitely felt I was taking a bigger risk by making the purchase because of how the website LOOKED. We live in a visual society and this certainly carries over to the Internet. Hopefully, this scenario doesn't apply to any of YOUR websites! I do understand though that marketers, especially new marketers, can face challenges when it comes to having a professional looking website. I've been there!

Perhaps one of these challenges BEST describes you:

Art-Challenged: Your "straight" lines look like you drew them when you were drunk; you failed art class; you think pink and orange look good together; you think a graphics program is one that has too much violence.

Money-Challenged: You swear that gremlins are draining your bank account; you bought one too many guru courses that didn't live up to their claims; you're still waiting to make your first buck online.

Technically-Challenged: You prop the door open with your computer; tech support had to remind you that computers actually run on electricity; you think FTP, GNU, SEO, HTTP and COM are secret codes your kids are using to talk about you without you knowing what they said.

Action-Challenged: You have 50 versions of your ebook cover, but can't make a decision on which one is best; your computer is littered with half-finished ideas that never quite got completed; you've spent thousands on courses, conferences and software, but STILL don't have your first website up.

Hey...I Understand Completely!

Creating professional-looking graphics for your website can be VERY intimidating, costly and challenging, especially if you don't have the right software, the money to outsource, or the time to learn yet another skill.

I Have GREAT News!

I'm a firm believer that it's MUCH easier to build on the expertise of others rather than start from scratch. Honestly, that's why PLR and Public Domain products are SO popular for marketers: They provide a starting point for creating products quickly and inexpensively.
The same is true with graphics.
Smart Marketers rely on experts to fill in the skills sets they are weak in rather than trying to learn or do everything themselves. That's where I come in.
I want YOUR websites to look amazing without you having to master a new skill or spend a small fortune. That's why I created:

Master Web Templates

Master Graphics for Taking Your Mini-Sites to the NEXT Level

Here's what each of these FOUR smoking, NEW Master Website Templates include:
(compatible with both the PC and MAC operating systems)

  • Five different color schemes: I created USABLE color schemes that would work well in many different niches, unlike some web templates that look like they were create during a bad acid trip.
  • Modern 3D graphics: I love to design in layers to add depth and creativity to the professional "look" I'm after, so I included a lot of 3D glossy elements in each template.
  • Photoshop files: If you don't like the way something looks, or you want to use a color scheme I didn't choose, I've included my Photoshop PSD files so that you can edit, change and add to as needed.
  • Index and Download pages: I assembled ALL the templates and variations into their own index and download pages so that you have a place to begin with your own site design. These are the same types of templates I use personally for my own websites.

Let's take a look at the Master Web Templates!

Master Web Template #1

Sample Index Page | Sample Download Page


Master Web Template #2

Sample Index Page | Sample Download Page


Master Web Template #3

Sample Index Page | Sample Download Page


Master Web Template #4

Sample Index Page | Sample Download Page

You might have noticed that I EVEN used one of the templates for THIS site!

Check Out This Real-World Case Study Using Master Web Templates

By now, you're probably wondering, "HOW MUCH!"

We'll get to that in a minute, but I think you will LOVE the price! You have to realize that I charge a minimum of $1,000 JUST for the graphics on a website...and that's IF I'll even agree to do it. I say NO ninety-nine times out of a hundred.

Let's take a look at what you could expect to pay if you hired me to design these templates:

4 Different, Complete Website Designs
$3,988 ($997 each)
5 Different Color Schemes for each $1,940 ($97 each)
Index and Download pages for each
template and color scheme (20 websites)
$1,940 ($97 each set)
Photoshop files for all 4 website designs
(I NEVER give out my PSD files)
$988 ($247 each)

That's a total of $8,856!
(Note: These are not inflated numbers. If you hire me to design your website, you'll be paying these rates.

Don't will NOT be paying
anywhere NEAR those prices today!

Claim Your Master Web Templates Now!

I think you would agree that, compared to $9,000 dollars, paying $197 dollars would be extremely reasonable to secure a copy of 4 Master Web Templates with 5 color schemes EACH, all the graphics and editable Photoshop files.

But you will NOT be paying that today.

Of course, $97 dollars for this package would be a STEAL, even though I'd be reluctant to let them go for that because I wouldn't want to offend those who have paid me full price for their website designs.

But you will NOT be paying that today.

I thought about offering the entire package for $67 dollars, but my wife said I was devaluing my design skills too much, especially considering my normal rates.

But you will NOT be paying that today.

So I finally decided to do something crazy that I may NEVER repeat...something I'll probably regret and possibly need to apologize for...I decided to price this entire $8,856 package at a price that EVERYONE can afford...

...the INSANELY low price of JUST $197 $97 $67 $47 Dollars.

You Read Correctly!

Just $47 Dollars

will get you all 4 sets of Master Web Templates with 5 color schemes,
Photoshop files, as well as the Index and Download pages.

Now, you're probably wondering why I would do this...why I would lower the price on my designs SO MUCH? Honestly...I'm curious and I'm testing a hunch. I want to remove one of the MAJOR obstacles that might be keeping you from taking action and succeeding online. I also want to see people have quality graphics for their website. So $47 Dollars it is...FOR NOW.
I may (probably will) withdraw this offer and price at any time, especially if my professional clients find out (yikes). But for now, it's all yours for a measly $47 Dollars...the cost of a decent steak dinner or a couple large pizzas.


NOTE: I've also included links to FREE Image Editing Software and FREE HTML Editing Software right on the Download Page, so if you don't have Photoshop or Dreamweaver...NO PROBLEM!

Hold On...I Want to Make the Deal Sweeter for You!

After I finished the templates and this webpage, it occurred to me that some of you might need quality product covers for your products as well. I thought about creating them and using them as a One-Time Offer to make some extra cash to compensate for the low price on the templates. But then I thought, "You know what...these folks NEED a complete package, including the product covers for one easy-to-pay price." Here's what I decided to do...

Quick-Action Bonus #1

No mini-site sales page is complete without matching product covers, and so, to help you plan for nearly ANY type of product you may create, I am including six different types of product covers for each color scheme in ALL FOUR Master Web Templates. That's 120 different product covers! With these killer product covers, you can easily create matching or related products, or use all the colors for a series! PLUS, I am also going to include the PSD for the Master Cover file for each template in case you want to create a cover for your e-book, or in case you want to make changes to it in some way. Check out these eye-popping samples!

(final sizes are larger)

Here is the complete set of product covers for each Master Web Template

Product Covers for Website Template #1


Product Covers for Website Template #2


Product Covers for Website Template #3


Product Covers for Website Template #4

Value $597

Quick-Action Bonus #2

I've also created a BRAND-NEW collection of Arrows, Pointers and Boxes to match your Master Web Templates. These aren't cheap rip-offs or highly circulated stale graphics. I created these JUST for this package and they're ALL yours as a part of this Quick Action Bonus! Here's a peek at what you'll be getting:

Value $97

Quick-Action Bonus #3 (just added)

Five Additional Website Templates

I'm offering you 5 more MiniSite templates with professionally designed Header, Footer, Product Box, Testimonial Box, Video Testimonial Box, Bullets, and Buy Button.

You can modify and edit them all you want, to suit your purposes as I'm including all the .psd files for you! That means, if you have Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, or other programs capable of editing Photoshop files, you can completely change the appearance of each of the templates.

Customize them all you want. Change colors, change backgrounds, add your own images, ect. Use any, all or none of the extra elements I've included. You can do it all! You can use these templates for Niche sites, sales pages, whatever you need them for!

Value $47

Quick-Action Bonus #4(just added)

Five Video Opt-In Templates

These templates are professionally designed, sliced and already html optimized, and there's no graphic editing required!

Just open up the templates in your favorite html editor and :

1. Edit the text
2. Insert your video code
3. Tweak the autoresponder code
That's it.

Now you have a stunning squeeze page, professionally designed to showcase your opt-in video and get that new subscriber!

Value $47

Quick-Action Bonus #5

How would you like me to walk you through the process of modifying the Master Web Template graphics and Product Images? Well...that's exactly what I do on the "How-To" videos you'll find on the download page. In Video 1, I show you step-by-step how to modify the header graphics for ANY niche or product you might be selling. Video 2 shows how to modify and update the product graphics to customize it to your OWN product or niche. Both videos break it down so that anyone can create compelling websites and product images in just a few short minutes!

Value $47

Grab This Package Right Now While It's Still Available!

YES, Give Me the Master Web Templates NOW!

I understand I'll be instantly downloading:

  • All 4 Master Web Templates with 5 Color Schemes and Master PSD files
  • Index Pages and Download Pages for all 4 Templates and Color Schemes
  • 120 BONUS Matching Product Covers with Master PSD Files
  • 114 Arrows, Pointers and Boxes

OVER $9,997 of Real-World Value

All just $197 $97 $67

$47 Dollars!

(I reserve the right to end this introductory offer
at anytime without warning.)

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

PS - Take your websites to the next level by picking up your own copy of Master Web Templates TODAY!


*EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Results are not typical. Your results may vary. We make no claim that you will earn any income using this tool whatsoever. Where specific figures are quoted from individuals there is no assurance you will do as well. You must assume the risk that you will not earn any income from this product.



© 2008 Tony Laidig. The Public Domain Expert.

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